I'm going to put a list of my hobbies here. It is always fun to trade information on hobbies. For example, the best diving spots on the Florida panhandle. Or good sources for piano sheet music. So a quick introduction to my interests.


Like a lot of people, I like watching movies. I like many different kinds of movies. I haven't taken college classes in the medium, tried to film amateur movies, script movies, or done podcasts reviewing movies. I have done a lot of other things, movies are a break from more intense things in life for me. So I've never dug into the subject very deeply.

A few years ago, fundraising on the Internet became so popular that several successful web businesses started around that concept, like KickStarter, GoFundMe, or Indiegogo. This has opened up avenues for many fundraising efforts, including financing independent films. While I don't have a lot of resources to throw at everything interesting, I was fascinated by the idea of supporting films before they are made, rather than just getting a ticket at the theater. So for a few years when I had some spare money for that hobby, I backed a few films.

Here is a list of films I've contributed to:

I'm glad I'm not in this hobby now. After a few movies or documentaries are released, your attitude changes. Things get weird. You watch a film that's interesting and think, "I wish I'd gotten a piece of that."