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Where I Share Too Much, But Not Enough For Identity Theft

Right now, if you want a vanity website, you stake your claim on Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social network website. It is really the thing to do. You control who looks at your information, it is easy to do quick posts about your cat or your resume, these things are perfectly designed for shallow knowledge and easy reading. And I didn't even mention picture sharing sites like Instagram or Pinterest. My website does what others don't, it does whatever I want.

Who Am I?

I'd like to say I'm John Galt, or perhaps Benjamin Franklin. I have many heroes, people I admire and want to emulate. Lisa, my wife, is my greatest friend and another hero. If we are known by the company we keep, I'd always like to be the least talented, least skilled, and least accomplished person in the room.

I grew up in a traditional middle class household. My mother worked only about two years according to the Social Security office. My dad worked at the Training Center for Trans World Airlines, where he maintained flight training simulators. My sister, Jan, was two years older than me. We did not like each other much until college age.

By nature, I am an Engineer. But that developed rather late in my frenetic childhood. I learned to type when I was eight years old and soon tried to write fiction. I grew up in the Cub Scouts and the regular Scouts and did not make it to Eagle Scouts. I started martial arts at the age of eleven, competed in Judo, worked as an assistant instructor. I was deeply fascinated by electronics and aviation, building various circuits, model rockets, and model aircraft.

I graduated high school and went on to work on a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering. For various reasons, I went to graduate school for a Master's in AE. I was very lucky to get work in my chosen field out of college (the aerospace began a decline when I entered college).

For more of my story, check out the Bio section.


You can contact Walt Lounsbery via email at Walt@Lounsbery.com

You can contact Walt Lounsbery by telephone at 865-242-5897

Warning! Work in Progress!

Right now only the Bio page has material. And I am still working on pictures...

Walt's Journal Area

I've been posting on Facebook for some time now. Link TBD.

This Side is for Pictures

I'm thinking about adding photo galleries. But some pics here will do for now.

  • Bull Run Steam Plant
  • David Hall Cabin
  • Walt's First Airplane'

B-17 Trip from Knoxville to Georgia Over the Smokies

  • Walt in B17